Pi labs bd ltd.

An R&D based Technology Company

What is Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.?

Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd. is an R&D based Technology Company which provides system automation and IT-enabled products and services rendered by internet or electronic network. Our goal is to achieve efficiency and simplicity in every work through innovative use of local technology and create a hub for scientific research.

Pi Labs has started its journey with a vision to instigate a platform for research that is needed and appropriate for our country. Initially Pi Labs has started with embedded system developing, electronic circuit imagesing and developing other IT related projects. Though started with electronic segment, the potentiality of the center will be diversified into research and development in the other segments of engineering.

We respect the fact that every project is unique and the needs of the project vary over its history. Thus our assistance also needs to be flexible enough to adapt with the needs of the project. Our offering is very simple − a versatile group of professionals from whom you can draw the right skills at the right time to solve the problems at hand at that particular point of the project.

What Services and Products does Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.?

Smart Car Parking System

Vehicle Queue Management

Vehicle Entry Exit Record System

Production Line Monitoring System

Digital Display

Synchronized Clocking System

Industrial Auto Timer

Temperature Monitoring System

Battery Monitoring System

Vault Security System

School Attendance System

Meeting Room Scheduler

Smart & Automated Car Parking Management System in Bangladesh.

What actually happens when car parking system runs manually? Lots of traffic, hassle, unwanted time kills and finally mismanagement happen. No one wants to stack for a long time to park his car. Automatic car parking solution system can relief everyone from such type of harassment. It is a system of managing car in car parking area automatically. This solution is very much suitable for small parking space, building basement parking, underground parking area, apartment parking lot and commercial parking area too.

Research and Bangladesh | Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.

Bangladesh is lagging behind in Research and Development. Even universities focus less on R&D. Brain Drain is common in Bangladesh. We are losing our talent. What could be the solutions? Dr Mahdy Rahman Chowdhury, Associate Professor of North-South University unveiled about that. It was hosted by Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.

Intro | How Do We Do It | Inside Pi Labs - Part 01

Companies Who Trust Pi Labs Bangladesh Ltd.

Anabil Tower
Bhumi Bhaban Complex
Foreign Affairs Office
Incepta Pharmaceuticals
Lab Aid Cancer Hospital
Mutual Trust Bank Ltd.
National Science & Technology Meausium
Prime Minister Office
Said Khokon Properties Ltd.
Shaptak Grihayan Limited
Suvastu Development Ltd.
Suvastu Properties
United Group
Viyellatex Group
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