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orelco led tube light
orelco led tube light
orelco led tube light orelco led tube light

LED Tube Light


Introducing our LED Tube Light – a transformative lighting solution that’s designed to transform your space. With energy efficiency at its core, this LED tube offers bright and consistent illumination while significantly reducing power consumption. Its sleek, contemporary design seamlessly complements various settings, be it at home, in the office, or within commercial spaces. Moreover, its extended lifespan guarantees years of trouble-free use, offering a cost-efficient solution.

Technical Specifications of ORELCO LED Tube Light

  •  Capacity: 10W, 12W, 18W, 20W, 24W, 26W, 28W, 30W
  •  Nominated Rate Voltage: AC 85 ~ 265 V
  •  Output Voltage: DC 36 – 42V
  •  Luminous Efficiency: 136 Lm/Watt
  •  Lumens Maintenance: 98% Up to 5,000 Hour
  •  Efficiency of the Driver Circuit: > 90%
  •  Colour of Light Output: Natural White
  •  Number of SMD Module / Chip: 44, 96, 108, 120, 144, 160
  •  Input Current Virriation: 220V
  •  Driver: Isolated and Non Isolated
  •  Power Factor: 0.97
  •  Beam Angle: 150 Degrees
  •  CRI: 70 – 90
  •  THD: <7%
  •  IP Rating: IP 54
  •  Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
  •  Colour Temperature: 2700k – 6500k
  •  Materials: Aluminium, PC Diffuser
  •  Life Time: 50,000Hr
  •  Operations Temperature: -20 ~ 500C
  •  Storage Temperature: 20 ~ 300C
  •  Warranty: 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years

Energy-Saving Brilliance

Our LED Tube Lights are engineered to save you money on your energy bills. With advanced technology, these lights consume significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent tubes, without compromising on brightness. Illuminate your surroundings while reducing your carbon footprint.

Long-Lasting Performance

Invest in longevity with our LED Tube Lights. These lights boast an impressive lifespan, ensuring you enjoy years of reliable performance. Say farewell to frequent replacements and hello to a durable lighting solution that stands the test of time. Make the smart choice for both your wallet and the environment.

Experience The Best LED Tube Light in Bangladesh

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Easy Installation

Transforming your space has never been easier. Our LED Tube Lights come with user-friendly installation features, making it a hassle-free process. Enjoy the convenience of upgrading your lighting without the need for professional assistance. Embrace the future of lighting with simplicity and style.

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