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OnnoRokom Digital PWM


OnnoRokom Digital PWM is a Solar charge controller device to produce electricity from the only source of our solar system that is sun. It’s green and very effective to achieve the daily power demand. Power consumption is a vital financial key player of every sector. Overall production and profit can be hampered for unplanned use of commercial power. Here, solar charge controller can give a freedom to produce own electricity with a single invest of installation/establishment. This single investment insure rotating profit and relief from the burden of so called electric bill.

Technical specifications of OnnoRokom Digital PWM Solar Charge Controller

  • Battery is charged through PWM method which increase the battery life in the long run.
  • Mobile charger built in.
  • For the Battery, Panel and Load safety, high voltage disconnect, low voltage disconnect and surge, short circuit and reverse
  • polarity protections are added.
  • To show different states of the battery, 3 LEDs are used.
  • IDCOL Certified.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • As a MPPT based charger it has efficient charging technique, which lengthen the battery lifetime.
  • Disconnect the panel upon charge completion to prevent from overcharging.
  • Single Load output with a maximum 20A load current.
  • Three levels of battery voltage indicators to monitor the battery status.
  • Charging and Load Connect LED.
  • Load fuses from Over Current protection.
  • Overload, transit Surge, Lightning and Short Circuit protection.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Automatic Recovery from all protection.
  • High and Low voltage disconnect.

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