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OnnoRokom Digital PWM SCC
OnnoRokom Digital PWM SCC

OnnoRokom Digital PWM SCC


Solar charge controller is a device to produce electricity from the only source of our solar system that is sun. It’s green and very effective to achieve the daily power demand. Power consumption is a vital financial key player of every sector. Overall production and profit can be hampered for unplanned use of commercial power. Here, solar charge controller can give a freedom to produce own electricity with a single invest of installation/establishment. This single investment insure rotating profit and relief from the burden of so called electric bill.

Technical specifications of OnnoRokom Digital PWM SCC

  • Battery is charged through PWM method which increase the battery life in the long run.
  • Mobile charger built in.
  • For the Battery, Panel and Load safety, high voltage disconnect, low voltage disconnect and surge, short circuit and reverse
  • polarity protections are added.
  • To show different states of the battery, 3 LEDs are used.
  • IDCOL Certified.
  • 3 Years warranty.
  • As a MPPT based charger it has efficient charging technique, which lengthen the battery lifetime.
  • Disconnect the panel upon charge completion to prevent from overcharging.
  • Single Load output with a maximum 20A load current.
  • Three levels of battery voltage indicators to monitor the battery status.
  • Charging and Load Connect LED.
  • Load fuses from Over Current protection.
  • Overload, transit Surge, Lightning and Short Circuit protection.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection.
  • Automatic Recovery from all protection.
  • High and Low voltage disconnect.

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